NAVCOM SF-3050 Integrated Starfire RTK GNSS Receiver

NAVCOM SF-3050 Integrated StarFire/RTK GNSS Receiver

NavCom’s SF-3050 family of integrated StarFire/RTK GNSS Receivers provides five centimeter position accuracy, anywhere in the world, anytime. Powered by the new Sapphireâ„¢ Engine, the SF-3050 provides 66 channel tracking, including multi-constellation support for GPS and GLONASS. It also incorporates high-speed I/O components, including Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB capability.

  • RTK Accuracy (<40km) : 1cm + 0.5ppm Horizontal / 2cm + 1ppm Vertical
  • StarFire Accuracy : <5cm Horizontal / <10cm Vertical
  • Code DGPS Accuracy (<200kms) : 45cm + 3ppm Horizontal / 90cm + 3ppm Vertical
  • All-in-view” parallel tracking with 66 channels
  • Built-in StarFire receiver
  • L1, L2, L5, G1, & G2 full wavelength carrier phase tracking
  • C/A, P1, P2, L2C, L5, G1 & G2 code tracking
  • High sensitivity / low signal level tracking
  • Superior interference suppression (both in-band & out-of-band
  • Fast acquisition / re-acquisition
  • Patented multipath rejection
  • StarFire Over IP delivery (Optional)
  • RTK Extend™
  • StarFire Over the Air (OTA) Licensing Capable


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