Pacific Crest ADL Vantage Radio Modem

Pacific Crest ADL Vantage

Carries the complete line of Pacific Crest Advanced Data Link (ADL) modules and accessories for wireless precise positioning and remote sensing. These broad spectrum transceivers offer up to 35 Watts of power and over-the-air link rates as high as 19,200 bps. The rapidly growing line of ADL products include: the ADL Vantage Pro, a 35-Watt programmable UHF radio; the ADL Vantage, a 4-Watt programmable UHF radio for survey applications; the ADL Sentry, a 4-Watt radio for remote sensing and monitoring environments; the ADL Foundation, a transceiver OEM board; the ADL RXO, a receive-only OEM board; and the ADL Uplink, a ruggedized handheld computer that streams Internet-based RTK corrections to a radio for rebroadcast into areas of poor cell coverage. Let us help you select the best option for your project.


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