Silva Ranger SL Compass

Silva Ranger SL Compass

Quality Ranger Series compass by Silva of Sweden. The Ranger Compass is a lightweight, compact unit measuring approximately 5cm x 4.5cm x 1cm which can be transported easily. The Silva compass is designed around the Silva 1-2-3 System which is explained fully in the manual supplied with the compass.  one that Ray heralds as “the perfect backup compass”. It features a built-in sun dial, a sighting mirror in the lid, as well as a tough safety pin so that it can be attached to your jacket, thereby allowing you to keep both hands free. Ideal as a reserve compass for those attending one of our Wilderness Navigation courses.

The Ranger Series is specially suited for more experienced users, such as backpackers, mountaineers, hunters, fishermen etc. Equipped with the patented red/black North/South lines in the capsule for quick and correct course setting, North indicator on the red end of the compass needle and luminous markings for accurate navigation in the dark.

  • Sapphire jewel bearing for friction-free movement of the compass needle
  • Durable hot-stamping of scales/graduations
  • Mirror sighting for accurate bearings
  • Patented red/black orienting lines inside the compass housing
  • Map measuring scales in millimeters
  • Built in sun-watch
  • Pin-on jacket function for hands-free use
  • Luminous markings for night navigation
  • Dimension: 58 x 42 mm (closed)
  • Weight: 23g


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