8′ TFT LCD PICO-POS Terminal System


PICO-POS is a compact, flexible and very affordable Point-of-Sale system for retail,
grocery and hospitality needs. As a very secure and stable flash-ROM system,
retailers never need to worry about their POS systems being abused or compromised. Only PICO-POS combines both programmable keypad and a SVGA color LCD
Touch Screen, providing an easy Electronic Cash Register upgrade path and
the best operating experience for retailers.

  • SVGA Color Touch LCD Screen
  • True Native Embedded Software
  • Integrated MSR and Programmable Keypad
  • PICO-Cloud Data Backup and Reporting Services
  • WaveSoft Mobile POS Integration
  • Graphical and Resizable Soft-key Support
  • Flexible Operating Mode Template Selection
  • Clock In/Out Time Attendance Function
  • Itemized Tax Levels and Discounts
  • 99 Clerks with 10 Level User Groups
  • Up to 99 Categories (Departments)
  • Up to 9,999 PLUs with 10 Sell Units, 5 Price Levels
  • Optional and Forced Modifiers
  • Cash Out and Item Sale Reports
  • Open Export Interface for Back-office Accounting Software


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