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D’las International, Colombo – 05 goes live with Retail IT POS Systems and Smart POS Software.

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D’las International, Colombo – 05 which is a store for fragrance went live with Retail IT POS Systems and Smart POS Software last week.

They are equipped with the latest Posiflex POS Machines and are glad of the services provided by Retail IT.

Retail IT - Usefulness of POS business intelligence

Usefulness of POS business intelligence software for reinvention of your business

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Retail IT launched the revolutionary dashboard- Business Intelligence software for its POS software solutions in the first quarter of 2020. The new software can be plugged-in for any Point of sales software and most importantly, customer can access to the dashboard using even a smart Phone from anywhere in the world.

The Key Features of Smart Dashboard software are:

  • To the sales summary up to hourly sales
  • Category wise/product wise sales summary details
  • Sales comparison between days
  • GP achievements
  • Customer loyalty details
  • Stock details
  • Purchase order details
  • Top selling products
  • Supplier details including due amounts, last selling price change details, etc.
  • Customer details up to credit limit etc.
  • Day end details and much more….

Also, the user of the dashboard can customize the appearance of the dashboard according their requirement.

With the most innovating features, Smart Dashboard enables the business owners and managers to make efficient business decisions.

With the 30 years of experience in Point of Sales industry, Retail IT provides customer support actively for any need of the client with regards to the Dashboard software.

More details can be obtained through the email address or

or contact 011-2352326.

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2020 New Year Celebration

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We ‘Retail IT team’ commenced new year 2020 as follows

Dmaxx, Kandy goes live with Retail IT POS Systems

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Dmaxx, Kandy goes live with Retail IT POS Systems

Annual Workshop at Aqua Pearl Lake Resort

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Annual training session of Retail IT was held on last 14th November at Aqua Pearl Lake Resort Moratuwa

Why you should use thermal paper rolls

Why you should use thermal paper rolls?

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Have you ever wondered what’s it like to print or write something without the ink? Well, thermal paper gives you the opportunity to experience it. The costs of using inks for billing purposes, taking orders at restaurant or printing information can sky-rocket. But with thermal paper rolls, you don’t have to worry about that. The tweak of chemistry makes thermal paper a commercial magic! Simple transmission of heat allows printing on these paper rolls, enabling them to be used without ink.

Advantages of using thermal paper rolls

Fascinated by thermal paper rolls? Well, here are the reasons why you should be using them!

Prints done on thermal papers last longer than generic prints done by regular printer, given that the quality of printer and the paper is of high quality. Based on this factor, the prints can last from several years to a few decades. These papers are available with leading chemical suppliers in India at discounted rates.

Another advantage of using thermal papers is that they are easier to handle and load as compared to other types of paper.

Thermal printers are compact and lightweight; hence, they don’t require much space. Also, they can be easily carried around and transported from one place to the other with ease.

Because of its ease of usage and overall cost accrued, thermal papers are being widely used for printing receipts in various sectors such as retail stores, airports, travel agencies, hotels gas stations etc.

Thermal paper rolls are inexpensive and are easily available with thermal paper distributors globally.

Using thermal papers increases the cost effectiveness of an organization.

Another advantage of thermal paper is that more than one color can be printed on them using various temperature levels.

Unlike regular or commercial printers that are known for making quite some noise, thermal paper printers offer close to noiseless operations. In fact, some of its high-quality variants do not produce any noise at all.

Thermal papers are environment friendly, as they can be recycled and reused. This only saves the natural resources but also proves to be cost effective and economical to the company.

Thermal papers are more reliable, as they don’t cause any jamming of printers resulting in no waste of time.

Monitor your Restaurant with advanced error free POS Software.

Monitor your Restaurant with advanced error free POS Software.

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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” The axiom has become a staple catch-phrase for many businesses because, for the most part, it’s true. Without data, it’s difficult to understand what’s happening in your company. It becomes challenging to make effective decisions, and know if those choices made a difference. Enter your point of sale system. Your Restaurant POS Software should provide you with a range of reporting features that will help you make smarter, more informed business decisions.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential POS reports you’ll need to run a successful small business.

Sales Reports

A reliable restaurant POS system should give you the ability to track sales metrics to help you better understand how sales are stacking up across your business.

Product Mix Reports

These reports show you sales by item, category, or department. Know what dishes or drinks are your top-selling items and what ones aren’t cutting the mustard.

Inventory Reports

Without stock, you have nothing to sell to customers.It is a good strategy for long-term success. Inventory reports will allow you to track your use of ingredients to better plan for future sales.

Labor and Employee Reports

Labor reports can show you several insights into how employees are performing and how much it costs you to keep them on board. Employees are one of your biggest assets, and that’s why it’s so important to keep tabs on this area of your operation.

X Reports and Z Reports

X’s and Z’s are a part of your day-to-day procedures. At the end of each shift, the server, bartender, or cashier will print a shift report or X report of their daily sales. While X reports give you shift details or current, real-time register information, a Z report is the end-of-day report that you’ll use for bookkeeping purposes.


Since your POS software is the backbone of your business, it’s critical that the software can generate accounting reports to pass on to your bookkeeper. When tax season comes around, having everything in one location will be a big time-saver.

Payment Reports and Gift Card Reporting

This report gives you insight into how much cash you should have on-hand and if anyone made a purchase with a gift card, so your liabilities reports are accurate. Also, the breakdown of credit card payments by card type will tell you how much money you can expect in your bank account from your merchant processor.

Final Touch

Of course, there are dozens of additional POS reports available that you could use to measure and manage your restaurant. However, it’s not the number of reports your point of sale system can produce, but rather the quality of those reports. Do they give you the information you need to run a successful business?

Is your POS system ready for Christmas

Is your POS system ready for Christmas!

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It is October now, and it is already time for retailers to get ready for the holiday season.  The public mood seems positive, and this looks like it will be a good Christmas.

This is the fastest monthly rise in retail trade since February. Now you have to act as there is still have time to be in a position to generate additional revenue if you act. You need to start planning your stock ordering, which is something our point of sale software can help you do. What we recommend is shadow and focus analysis which our system can do. You also need to start looking at roistering again something our point of sale can help you with all this.

Firstly can you handle Christmas?

Is your POS system ready for Christmas

Start checking

If you are planning to bring in some of the old POS computers “out of the closet” to accommodate the rush period, tested it to make sure it works? If it has been in the closet for a year, who knows what state they are in now?

Check the following

Have you checked that you have all the cables to connect to this equipment?

Do you have a connection into your network where you need it?

Can this equipment be linked into your system, it been a year since it is been used?

Now try it now to see if it all works if you plug it in?

The closer it gets to Christmas, the harder it gets to repair in time.

What do you need?

What is going to happen if you have extra staff and the computer register does not work over Christmas? We have seen this happen all too often when an emergency engineer gets called out on Christmas Day.

We never say you to go for a new POS system or software, but why not you try?? 🙂 Just check whether these POS Systems can compete with the crowd.

Portable POS Restaurant Revenue

How a Portable POS can assist on improving your Restaurant Revenue

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Did you know that plugging mobile POS into your day-to-day business will raise operational efficiencies, boost profit, and optimize the client involvement? Leveraging tablet POS technology offers several benefits to your staff, customers, and restaurant.

Here’s what a portable POS can do for your restaurant:

1. Obtain More Orders with Ultimate Mobility

Your servers can submit orders from anywhere on the premises when equipped with a tablet POS. When your staff is not restricted to a fixed workstation at the counter, they can get out on the floor and do some line busting during busy periods. You won’t lose sales from customers walking out because they don’t want to put up with long wait times to order. You can also expand your dining area to include patio service in the summers, allowing you to send orders directly from those tables to the kitchen.

Any tablet POS solution you choose should have an intuitive user interface (UI). If you have a fixed-based POS, it should be the same on the tablet. This feature will reduce staff training time and costs, which can be significant in an industry with high turnover.

It’s also crucial for your tablet POS to integrate seamlessly with your existing POS system; otherwise, you won’t benefit from being able to optimize restaurant operations.

The operating system of the tablet can have an impact on the user experience. Android devices are typically hardier than commercial-grade iOS devices. However, iOS devices contribute to an upscale aesthetic. If you’re still in the process of making a decision about hardware, it would be best to choose a tablet POS that is compatible with both operating systems.

Taking orders tableside or line busting increases your restaurant’s speed of service. Customers don’t have to wait for the server to write the order down and carry it to the POS system to be entered. Orders taken tableside or while customers are waiting in line are sent directly to the kitchen queue for preparation.

Not only does tablet POS enable orders to be fulfilled faster, it also ensures they are fulfilled correctly. The chance of order entry error is greatly reduced because the order is entered directly into the mobile device in real-time and in front of the customer. No more lost or smudged paper tickets, illegible handwriting, or special requests forgotten between the table and POS system. This efficiency also reduces food waste from orders that get sent back to the kitchen because the order was misheard or entered into the POS system inaccurately. Getting the orders prepared correctly the first time is essential for customer satisfaction and retention.

Don’t be at the mercy of your internet to complete sales. Interruptions to your internet connection can result in costly downtime and hundreds of dollars in lost sales if you do not deploy a tablet POS solution with an offline mode. A hybrid cloud-based POS software that is not dependent on an internet connection will ensure that restaurant operations, both front of house and back of house, continue to run seamlessly.

Regardless of whether you are connected to the internet or not, you will continue to uphold the high quality of customer service that your diners expect.

Incorporating tablet POS in your restaurant allows you to scale as business grows. Tablet POS solutions are also extremely cost effective and versatile, empowering your restaurant to serve more customers and make more sales. As your restaurant grows, or during particularly busy seasons and periods, you can easily accommodate the demand by installing flexible tablet POS solutions capable of use in the hands of a server.

In addition to scaling up for seasonal demands, a tablet POS solution should be able to seamlessly integrate with the fixed-based POS system to provide centralized and comprehensive data and visibility related to other integrated services such as online ordering and loyalty programs. This ensures that the most up-to-date data is accessible no matter if your servers are using the POS system or the tablet.

Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits Tablet POS Can Offer Your Restaurant

The most successful restaurant owners are the ones that constantly keep an eye on the market and look for ways to continually improve their operation. Tablet POS is one of the most popular tools restaurant owners are leveraging to stay ahead of the competition, and for good reason. The right tablet POS not only offers you more convenience and efficiency, but it also improves profit margin as it allows you to “trim the fat” from the bottom line by improving employee productivity and increasing operational efficiency. By doing so, your restaurant passes along benefits to your customers, as employees now have more time to enhance the customer experience, which ultimately increases customer retention and generates more revenue.

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Installed POS Systems in U-Mart, Batticaloa

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U-Mart has been opened with the installation of Retail IT products

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