Novatel RELAY RTK Radio

Novatel RELAY RTK Radio

NovAtel’s SMART6-L™ attaches to the Relay RTK Radio Module to create a single unit for easy system integration. Connection to the Relay can be made using the existing/pre-installed SMART6-L interface cables.

  • Easy Integration
  • Multiple Radio Options
  • 400 MHz or 900 MHz Base Station
  • Cellular, 400 MHz or 900 MHz Rover
  • Flxible Mounting Options

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  • Can be used as an RTK base station with 400 MHz licensed or 900 MHz unlicensed UHF radio
  • Can be used as an RTK rover with HSPA, CDMA, 400 MHz or 900 MHz UHF radio options
  • Integrated Wi-Fi access point and web-server for easy base station setup using a Smartphone or computer
  • Integrated NTRIP Client
  • 400 MHz option compatible with Satel, PacCrest and TrimTalk base stations or rovers
  • 900 MHz option compatible with Freewave base stations or rovers

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