The XT-8315* is the companion of the XT-7315, which has been enhanced with 8th generation Intel Tiger Lake CPUs, which is powerful enough to handle any task imaginable that comes its way.

Sleek Look

  • Slimmer than ever! Every curve and detail of the XT-8315 is carefully thought out to make itself one of the most visually desirable terminals in the market.

Multi-Position Folding Base

  • The patented foldable base of the XT-8315 enables users to adjust the screen to a height and angle of their choice, providing unparalleled flexibility. (U.S. Patent 9004436)

Powerful and Reliable

  • With Intel CPUs up to Core i7, XT-8315 can deliver powerful performance to run today’s demanding POS applications.

Fanless Design

  • Solve the fan maintenance issue and provide silent mode operation, which is ideally suited for high-end boutique stores or hospital environments.

GEN8E Base

  • Optional GEN8E Base (U.S. Patent 9004436) that integrates internal power adaptor and PoweredUSB port into the base stand, which keeps counters clutter-free.