SAM4S ER 180U Thermal Type Low-End ECR

SAM4S ER 180U Thermal Type Low-End ECR

  • Smart software(16 department, Max 500 PLU)
  • Various report supported(Grand Total, Financial, Clerk, etc)
  • Convenient structure to use
  • Various option

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Type 1 Station Thermal (2')
Speed 65mm/sec (17.3lines/sec)
Paper Width 57.5mm
Paper End Senser Yes
Operator 8 Digit LED
Customer 8 Digit LED (Optional)
Raised 48 Keys
CPU 32bit(LPC1519, NXP)
Program 256KByte Flash (CPU Internal)
Data 96KByte Serial-EEPROM
Data Storage 90 Days
RS-232C Use only firmware update
Type 3B4C, 4B4C
Port 1 Port
Keyboard Departments 16
PLU's 500
Clerk 10
Tax 4
Electronic Journal No
Euro Currency Conversion Yes
Daily and Periodic Reporting Yes
PLU Descr1ptors size 12
F/W up-date (PC/SD-card) PC

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