The Sam4s Forza Point of Sale system is a range of POS terminals which not only offers innovative styling but at the same time frees up space below the POS terminal for additional hardware such as a receipt printer.


– Flexible Option

   Main Display : 10.1, 15, 15.6, 18.5 inch

   Intel CPU : Celeron J1900/J6412, Core i3 7100U/I5 7200U

   Customer Display : 2 Line LCD, 9.7, 10.1, 15 inch

   Extended Interface : Type A(USB 4), Type B(Serial 2), Type C(Parallel 1)

   Payment & Identification : MSR, SCR, Dallas key, Finger p-rint

– Flexible Design

   Color Variation : Gold&Black, Silver&White

   Installation Type : Basic type, Fixed type, Box type, Wall type

– Convenient Maintenance, Easy Assembly